Chengdu Festival

Besides Chinese traditional festivals such as Spring Festival, Qing-Ming Festival and Mid-Autumn Day, the city has its own local festivals, including Huanglongxi Firedrake Festival, Lantern Fair and Flower Fair. These festivals showcase the very characteristic features of the city. So, they are often the highlights of a visitor’s stay there and provide visitors with a deep understanding and appreciation of the city.

cms_d1af1cf809a540b7b7b81f7c4e6c8fce_0596_16_25_53 Huanglongxi Firedrake Festival

The Firedrake Festival originated from Huanglongxi Ancient Town in Shuanglong, Chengdu. In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the local people have started to hold such a festival during January 1st to January 15th of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The performances during the festival include Burning Firedrake, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance and Sichuan Opera appreciation and so on.

u=2876860654,1230646070&fm=21&gp=0 Lantern Fair

The festival is held in the city’s parks on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month around the Spring Festival and lasts for one month. The festival features Sichuan folk opera, acrobatics, and other performances like kid’s shows. Also, there are local snack vendors, blown candy figure making, windmill selling which always attracts the visitor’s attention.

2554948363620068589 Flower Fair

It is a popular spring event held at Qingyang Palace (Gray Goat Palace) outside the west gate of the city during the Chinese second lunar month. Flower growers carry their flowers and exotic plants to exhibit and sell.

wKgB3FEQdT6AZrmDAAmAJRn47DQ60 Longquan Peach Blossom Festival

The second lunar month is the best season for people to go for a walk in the countryside. The peach blossoms are flourishing on Longquan Mountain at this time of year. During this festival, people can not only enjoy the beautiful flowers but also the tea-tasting and home cooked dishes at the flower grower’s house near the mountain.

1268987375913_1268987375913_r Tianpeng Peony Fair

Pengzhou City, located to the north of Chengdu City, is named Tianpeng in the ancient times. It’s renowned for producing a large number of peonies. From April to May each year, Pengzhou holds the Peony Fair. During the fair, many rare peony varieties can be seen. Besides, you can see the folk performances of the Sichuan region.

2 Xinjin Dragon Boat Race

The Dragon Boat Race is held in Xinjin County around Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th of the Chinese Lunar Calendar) annually. Xinjin takes advantage of the Nanhe River and makes the boat race spectacular. During the festival, besides the boat race, there are design performances of the dragon boats and the night cruise on the Nanhe River.

222 Singing Competition (at Wangcong Temple)

The Singing Competition is held in Pixian around the fifteenth day of May according to the Lunar Calendar. The competition place is at Wangcong Temple and the singers are all the local peasants. Most of them sing folk songs and most songs are composed by themselves.

6666 Xindu Sweet-scented Osmanthus Fair

The Sweet-scented Osmanthus Fair is held in Xindu around the Mid-Autumn Day (the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month). During the fair, people visit the sweet-scented osmanthus garden and the painting & calligraphy fair. What’s more, many famous local snacks are on sale and the local folk dances and operas can be seen in the fair.

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